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The MacWhisperer

Elevate Your Apple Experience

Work with Dylan

Why stay tangled in tech?

Learn to save time and enhance productivity with every swipe and click!
At The MacWhisperer, we believe everything is easy when you know how.

Meet The MacWhisperer


I'm Dylan Stewart, known as the MacWhisperer. My mission is to demystify Apple technology, making it accessible and intuitive for everyone. Whether you're 9 or 90, I can teach you how to harness the full potential of your Apple devices. Let me help you master your technology.

Meet Dylan

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The MacWhisperer's Mac-ifesto

The six rules that guide our philosophy and keep things simple and fun

Make your last step your first step: begin with the end in mind

Enjoy the convenience of fully synchronized Apple devices. With TMW's guidance, your iPhone, iPad, and Mac can work in harmony, allowing for effortless transitions and continuous workflow, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Embrace change: update regularly and learn new features

Learn to set up automations across your devices using Siri Shortcuts and other Apple tools. TMW will show you how to automate routine tasks, from scheduling reminders to managing smart home devices, saving you valuable time every day.

Sort, don’t search


Say goodbye to cluttered folders and lost files. TMW teaches you how to effectively use iCloud and Finder to organize your documents, photos, and apps, ensuring everything is just a few clicks away.

Create and refine a system that works for you

Secure your personal data with advanced, user-friendly security settings. TMW helps you activate and manage security features like Face ID, Touch ID, and app-specific passwords, protecting you against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Make yourself at home on your devices

Transform how you manage and enjoy media on your devices. Whether it’s editing photos in Photos app, creating movies in iMovie, or managing a comprehensive iTunes library, TMW makes it easier than ever to enhance and enjoy your multimedia content.

Have fun and explore!

Take control of how you communicate. TMW can refine your use of Messages, FaceTime, and Mail, teaching you tips and tricks to manage communications more effectively, filter spam, and keep in touch with colleagues, friends, and family more efficiently.

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What are people saying about The Macwhisperer

What are people saying about The Macwhisperer

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