Marg Helgenberger
Film and Television Actor

I’ve known Dylan for close to fifteen years. In that time, he and I have had many sessions together. Each session, be it in-person, (my preferable choice), or virtual, has not only been incredibly helpful, but fun. Dylan’s engaging & intuitive personality, combined with his dazzling wealth of knowledge & enthusiasm for all things MAC, is the perfect tonic to my Luddite brain.

Randal Kleiser
Director, Producer

I highly recommend Dylan Stewart's expertise as the Mac Whisperer. He always has the right answer for any tech questions, and he's a great guy too! I've known him since he was a kid and his knowledge and dedication have never failed to impress me.

Dulanie Ellis
Documentary Producer

I am pretty much allergic to technology ... any technology. So I am beyond grateful for how easy and encouraging your classes are. My phone came alive with functionality with your guidance. I learned so much more than I ever would have on my own.

Laura McCorkindale
CEO and Founder at The Butterzoo Group

Was about to throw my new X out the window, it’s sooooo different from the older models. But your class saved my life and brought me great joy using my new phone. Plus it was fun … and you’re funny ….

Joanie Berkley

I have so loved working with you for the last 10 years. I had so much fear about anything tech oriented when we first started and you have made it so fun and easy to understand. I always look forward to our sessions together. You have helped me in so many areas, not just with computers/cell phones/printers etc. but also with all my AV needs and even with all the technology associated with my new car! Here’s to another 10 years!

Jaye Rogovin

Dylan, your courses are like a bright and shining light on an otherwise complicated problem. You make things so clear, you give me an aha moment every time, and you allow me to use – – with ease – – Technology that would be completely lost on me.

Satie Gossett

I just wanted to say thanks for helping me navigate the issues with my iPhone. The initiative nature of how you explained everything was awesome and really demystified the process. 

Jim Ellis

Dylan Stewart, the MacWhisperer, helped me big time when I had to upgrade my old MacIntosh operating system. He took the time to guide me on what software would be compatible and which would not. Within a minimum amount of time, he brought me current, and in the process incredibly boosted the speed and efficiency of my programs.   

Barry Gershenson

I have used Dylan Stewart/The MacWhisperer as my go to computer tech for the past 16 years and can only say how pleased I’ve been with Dylan’s work, patience, passion and most importantly his knowledge. All of this has shown up in his new equipment installs along with saving me money and most importantly given me the additional needed time for my family and myself. Thank you Dylan Stewart.

Since joining The MacWhisperer Academy 3 years ago, I have learned so much. This class has completely changed my outlook on the ease of using my Apple tech. Dylan makes the classes fun and very easy to follow. He never makes us feel incompetent or silly for our questions. I love being a part of this friendly MacWhisperer community, learning alongside professionals from all walks of life and everyday individuals

Anyone using Apple products would greatly benefit from having this MacWhisperer Academy as a resource to managing their computer, internet, iphone concerns or frustrations. One has nothing to loose and everything to gain, his classes are so informative and fun. What I like best is that we can go back and relisten or read the transcripts from the class. I love it!

~ Leslee Cook

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