The Foundation Blocks

Whatever your profession, whatever your passion, whatever you have found expertise in during your life, there is no skill that starts from scratch.

When we were in school, we were given basic knowledge.  Foundation blocks.  Math.  Reading.  Spelling.  Simple step by step processes that allowed us to become more and more knowledgeable, more and more capable, and able to handle larger, and more complex concepts.

The foundation blocks are critical. 

Before you become an architect you have to learn how to create and read blueprints.

Before you become a rockstar you have to do your scales.

Before you become the world's greatest artist you must conquer the skills of sketching and working with simple shapes and colors.

And yet we all expect to be experts with our technology,  The assumption that technology should be easy, that manuals are useless, and that anyone can do it seems to be inherent in the industry.  But the truth is that without the basics, without the foundation blocks, without an understanding of the simplest elements it is impossible to ever really make the most out of our tools and devices.  

These foundation blocks differ from device to device.  

Some of the foundation blocks for the computer are:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • An understanding of cut, copy and paste
  • How to properly use a mouse or trackpad
  • How and where to file your documents
  • Backup strategies
  • Awareness of what applications to use, and when

On the phone the basics include:

  • Understanding what gestures you can use
  • Learning how to manipulate the separate screens
  • How to properly enter and edit text
  • Awareness of the meanings of the different icons

And much more.

Sure, without the basics you can get by.  You may even do pretty well for a while.  You can figure out the bare minimum that you need to get specific tasks done, but you will never truly make the most out of your devices, or be able to scale that knowledge into the greater tasks that lay ahead of you to truly become successful.  And as technology continues it's ceaseless stride forward your cobbled together knowledge set will fall more and more behind.

I hear about the frustrations of technology on a day to day basis.  I know how hard it is to learn new things, and really understand our devices.  I even sympathize with the many people who wish things were like they used to be... in the good old days... before the internet, before smartphones, before computers.  But the reality is that those times are gone.  And they're never coming back.

Now is the time to reach out and grab ahold of technology.  Learn how to harness its capabilities.  Start to answer all those lingering questions and discover those foundation blocks that will allow you to layer your knowledge day after day so that you stop wasting your time, stop cursing your devices, and start to really explore the brave new world in front of us.

Technology is magical.  It's amazing.  It's powerful.  And believe it or not, it can be FUN!!!!

Think of all the things we can do today that we used to only dream of:

  • Communicate with anyone anywhere in the world
  • See video of friends and family too far away to visit
  • Share wisdom and knowledge easily
  • Take pictures of the beautiful world around us
  • Get answers to complex questions with just your voice
  • Stay on top of your schedule and to-do list
  • Get directions to anywhere
  • Learn how to do anything from the palm of your hand

It's a world of possibility.  A world of inter-connectivity.  A world of deepening relationships and friendships all around the world.  And you are a part of it.

It's an amazing time to be alive.  Isn't it time you started exploring the potential of tomorrow rather than wishing for the long gone days of yesterday?

If you want to learn more about the foundation blocks of technology, or anything else that I discussed in this post, you can check out my website at email me at [email protected], or check out my Facebook group at



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