MacWhisperer Academy: iPhone Basics

In this 1st course of the iPhone MasterClass we learn how to really get around on the iPhone and use it's powerful capabilities to the utmost.

From the common icons you will frequently see to the different screens and icons you will interact with on a regular basis, this is the best way to really understand the power and functionality of the iPhone.

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MacWhisperer Academy iPhone: Apps

In this 2nd course of the iPhone MasterClass, we explore the preinstalled apps that come on every iPhone and go into depth on how to use them properly and effectively. We cover the phone app, iMessage, Email, Safari, Calendar and more.

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MacWhisperer Academy: iPhone Productivity

In this 3rd course in the iPhone MasterClass Siri, we explore the iPhone's amazing powers of productivity.

From Siri to the cloud, from reminders and notes to the MacWhisperer's personal Top 5 Favorite productivity tips, this course will teach you how to do more with less!

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MacWhisperer Academy : iPhone Mastery

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MacWhisperer Academy:  Apple Photos Organization and Mastery

In this Apple Photos course

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MacWhisperer Academy : iTunes 101


MacWhisperer Academy: Master the Mac

Master the mac


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