When Dylan Stewart’s iPhone classes came out, I was one of his first students. My iPhone was new to me and I needed to take full advantage of all its features and his courses offered exactly that. I have learned so much. I like that he keeps all of the videos specific and short. That way I can jump right to the session I need or I can go through in the order they were presented. I am amazed at Dylan’s level of detail in the videos. I feel very confident with my iPhone now and I know I am making good use of all that is available in the iPhone due to Dylan’s excellent training. 

Linda Fitzgerald
Certified High Performance Coach / Speaker / Trainer


When I first found The MacWhisperer’s classes I was pretty clueless about how to use my devices. Dylan walked me through my resistance to change with good humor and explained things in terms that made sense to me! I never thought I would get to this place, but I’m actually teaching the people around me how to use their devices now (at least I’d like to think so)!! Thank you!

Tanya Ragir
Sculpter / Artist / Activist



The iPhone Productivity course is pure magic! If you are constantly looking to improve your productivity game, this course is great for you. Dylan (aka The Mac Whisperer) makes things look super simple and shares all great lessons without wasting your precious time. This course brings a hundred times more value than it's price.

Simeon Ivanov
Writer / Transformation Coach / Entrepreneur / Ex Professional Racing Driver

The MacWhisperer iPhone Master Class has been incredibly helpful for me. Not only does Dylan Stewart go over every detail, but he explains it where everyone can understand it clearly. And what I really like about his Master Class website, is that the program is broken up into different chapters with the time allotment for each chapter. This way I can choose what I want to learn about and how long it will take me to go through that particular segment. These courses have been remarkable in helping me understand my phone and all that it does. Thank you Dylan Stewart!!!!

Jill Stein
Photographer / Soccer Player / Mother


This class is so valuable and easy to follow! Anyone wanting to fully understand their iPhones should take this class! It's so worth it....
It makes you love and enjoy your iPhone even more!

Don and Penny Hanson




The class for the iPhone that Dylan created was helpful for me in many ways. Dylan’s way of teaching is full of humor that is combined with such enthusiasm and together that made learning so enjoyable for me. By the end of each session I too was enjoying using my iPhone more. I would never have found interest in the full range use of my phone without Dylan’s class.

Steven Kiralla



Before The MacWhisperer's iPhone masterclass I was intimidated to use Siri or fully explore my phone's capabilities. But Dylan's class was empowering. His explanations are clear and concise and the pace is just right. You learn some really cool stuff. I bet most of the students didn’t know what happens when you shake the phone vigorously. I certainly didn’t.

Thomas Claflin
Retired Venture Capitalist