I’ve known Dylan for close to fifteen years. In that time, he and I have had many sessions together. Each session, be it in-person, (my preferable choice), or virtual, has not only been incredibly helpful, but fun. Dylan’s engaging & intuitive personality, combined with his dazzling wealth of knowledge & enthusiasm for all things MAC, is the perfect tonic to my Luddite brain.

Marg Helgenberger
Film and Television Actor

I highly recommend Dylan Stewart's expertise as the Mac Whisperer. He always has the right answer for any tech questions, and he's a great guy too! I've known him since he was a kid and his knowledge and dedication have never failed to impress me.

Randal Kleiser
Director, Producer

When I first found The MacWhisperer’s classes I was pretty clueless about how to use my devices. Dylan walked me through my resistance to change with good humor and explained things in terms that made sense to me! I never thought I would get to this place, but I’m actually teaching the people around me how to use their devices now (at least I’d like to think so)!! Thank you!

Tanya Ragir
Sculpter / Artist / Activist

When Dylan Stewart’s iPhone classes came out, I was one of his first students. My iPhone was new to me and I needed to take full advantage of all its features and his courses offered exactly that. I have learned so much. I like that he keeps all of the videos specific and short. That way I can jump right to the session I need or I can go through in the order they were presented. I am amazed at Dylan’s level of detail in the videos. I feel very confident with my iPhone now and I know I am making good use of all that is available in the iPhone due to Dylan’s excellent training. 

Linda Fitzgerald
Certified High Performance Coach / Speaker / Trainer


The iPhone Productivity course is pure magic! If you are constantly looking to improve your productivity game, this course is great for you. Dylan (aka The Mac Whisperer) makes things look super simple and shares all great lessons without wasting your precious time. This course brings a hundred times more value than it's price.

Simeon Ivanov
Writer / Transformation Coach / Entrepreneur / Ex Professional Racing Driver

The MacWhisperer iPhone Master Class has been incredibly helpful for me. Not only does Dylan Stewart go over every detail, but he explains it where everyone can understand it clearly. And what I really like about his Master Class website, is that the program is broken up into different chapters with the time allotment for each chapter. This way I can choose what I want to learn about and how long it will take me to go through that particular segment. These courses have been remarkable in helping me understand my phone and all that it does. Thank you Dylan Stewart!!!!

Jill Stein
Photographer / Soccer Player / Mother

This class is so valuable and easy to follow! Anyone wanting to fully understand their iPhones should take this class! It's so worth it....
It makes you love and enjoy your iPhone even more!

Don and Penny Hanson

The class for the iPhone that Dylan created was helpful for me in many ways. Dylan’s way of teaching is full of humor that is combined with such enthusiasm and together that made learning so enjoyable for me. By the end of each session I too was enjoying using my iPhone more. I would never have found interest in the full range use of my phone without Dylan’s class.

Steven Kiralla

Before the MacWhisperer Academy, I was intimidated by my tech.  I was afraid to use Siri or to dictate emails and text messages, the cloud frustrated and confused me, and I had no idea how to get all my Apple stuff to sync seamlessly.  Now I dictate and use Siri all the time, all my devices are always up to date, my Photo library is clean and organized, and I know that if I get in trouble, Dylan is always a call or a class away.  I’ve learned some really cool stuff, and I always look forward to the next class, lesson, and opportunity to up my technology game!  Thanks, Dylan.

Thomas Claflin
Retired Venture Capitalist

I am pretty much allergic to technology ... any technology. So I am beyond grateful for how easy and encouraging your classes are. My phone came alive with functionality with your guidance. I learned so much more than I ever would have on my own.

Dulanie Ellis
Documentary Producer

Was about to throw my new X out the window, it’s sooooo different from the older models. But your class saved my life and brought me great joy using my new phone. Plus it was fun … and you’re funny ….

Laura McCorkindale
CEO and Founder at The Butterzoo Group

I have been a member of the MacWhisperer Academy for the past three years and look forward to learning the secrets and potential of the iPhone and Apple computer from the exceptional teacher Dylan. His bimonthly lectures are just what I need to understand and use apple‘s technology. I would recommend that you explore the MacWhisperer Academy on Youtube or just google. The MacWhisperer Academy to see the scope of topics covered. Not only is Dylan brilliant and a great teacher, it’s also a personal experience. After the first class you’re part of the family.

Cappy Rothman

Since joining The MacWhisperer Academy 3 years ago, I have learned so much. This class has completely changed my outlook on the ease of using my Apple tech. Dylan makes the classes fun and very easy to follow. He never makes us feel incompetent or silly for our questions. I love being a part of this friendly MacWhisperer community, learning alongside professionals from all walks of life and everyday individuals

Anyone using Apple products would greatly benefit from having this MacWhisperer Academy as a resource to managing their computer, internet, iphone concerns or frustrations. One has nothing to loose and everything to gain, his classes are so informative and fun. What I like best is that we can go back and relisten or read the transcripts from the class. I love it!

Leslee Cook

I have so loved working with you for the last 10 years. I had so much fear about anything tech oriented when we first started and you have made it so fun and easy to understand. I always look forward to our sessions together. You have helped me in so many areas, not just with computers/cell phones/printers etc. but also with all my AV needs and even with all the technology associated with my new car! Here’s to another 10 years!

Joanie Berkley

Dylan, your courses are like a bright and shining light on an otherwise complicated problem. You make things so clear, you give me an aha moment every time, and you allow me to use – – with ease – – Technology that would be completely lost on me.

Jaye Rogovin

I write this not as a testimonial, but as a huge acknowledgement to Dylan Stewart. As an International Art Advisor I need to know. How to perform many diverse tasks —inventories of Art collections, proposals, image transfers, photo editing, invoicing documentation, changing languages, , etc. etc. Dylan’s professionalism, knowledge, passion, and his intention to facilitate our lives makes him unique in the Service Business. He is meticulous and insightful, and can decipher any problem-sometimes in seconds!

He has a sensibility to what a computer can and can’t do, and how! He is true to his company name- MacWhisperer- as he has that 6th sense coupled with a master’s knowledge of the technology which allows him to execute tasks with ease. He understands that the Apple computer is designed to make life easier, time spent shorter, built to be “user Friendly“ and works like a super-brain. And he is the brain surgeon. Dylan has taught me so many ways to shorten work tasks, he knows super shortcuts for time saving and how to enjoy the various tasks that the MAC can perform with ease and fun1 He is always on your team, available and reachable at almost any time of the day, and can usually solve your issue in a matter of seconds/minutes.
If you want to get value for your money truly get the most out of your MAC, hire Dylan and you will get the BEST!

Eliane Gans
Fine Art Advisor

I just wanted to say thanks for helping me navigate the issues with my iPhone. The initiative nature of how you explained everything was awesome and really demystified the process. 

Satie Gossett

Dylan Stewart, the MacWhisperer, helped me big time when I had to upgrade my old MacIntosh operating system. He took the time to guide me on what software would be compatible and which would not. Within a minimum amount of time, he brought me current, and in the process incredibly boosted the speed and efficiency of my programs.   

Jim Ellis

DS! Just a big thank you. A couple of days ago after I pulled notes into a few more folders, they started to index. So did my apps! You found it and fixed it and you truly are... THE MACWHISPERER!!!! Fireworks

Gerry Katzman

Dylan, you are a natural and joyful teacher. I feel lucky to have you as a guide with your easy to understand, secret paths through this computer, cell phone jungle. You make me powerful and. 'digital hip'. Thanks. 

Boyd Willat

I have used Dylan Stewart/The MacWhisperer as my go to computer tech for the past 16 years and can only say how pleased I’ve been with Dylan’s work, patience, passion and most importantly his knowledge. All of this has shown up in his new equipment installs along with saving me money and most importantly given me the additional needed time for my family and myself. Thank you Dylan Stewart.

Barry Gershenson

I’ve had a problem with my Mac being full for nearly a year. I’d asked local companies to look at it, I’d asked advice from other people, and that all gave me similar solutions of the usual. Clear out your files to make space, use another back-up disk, put it in the cloud.  I had done all of these and still had the same problem.

I’d come across Dylan though seeing a MacWhisperer clip when scrolling on Facebook. I’d put a mental note to join his classes ‘when I had time’.  I then looked into the classes and decided to sign up, and by doing so I benefited from reduced rates for a 1:1 session. People said I was mad to try to get my problem sorted overseas when there were local people quite capable of sorting my Mac issue. Except these people had just given my temporary sticking plasters, and not found the cause of my problem.

Dylan was not only super helpful along the way, he routed out the true deep problem that was in my Mac, reconfigured the settings which were just duplicating all my files time and time again, claimed back 3/4 of my space, then cleared up a few other things he’d seen whilst on route.

It was great to be able to see all this being done real-time whilst chatting to Dylan and listening to his snippets and tips along the way. An hour later I had my problem and more importantly the true cause of it sorted, AND I hadn’t had to leave my house to do it. Brilliant service, a true ‘Macwhisperer’, and some extra helpful tips and setting tweaked to add icing on the cake.

I really couldn’t rate The MacWhisperer’s service highly enough! His experienced knowledge is great. I’ve now listened to a few of the tutorials too and they are so easy to understand, it makes learning not a chore.

In short (thought I’ve now just seen how much I’ve typed to see it’s far from short!) I’d say the 1:1 sessions are certainly worth every penny.

Lisa Swaine

Dylan is truly the Mac Whisper! I've always had Mac, started with the original Imac, and have had several different stores or people to work on them. Not anymore I have my guy! He has changed my whole life, helping me update 3 computers, but more importantly guiding me through the process. Change is sometimes hard, but when you have someone like Dylan who not only knows the Mac, but for me more importantly the care and patience he has had with me and my company is priceless! he networked all 3 computers, changed my whole business! Thanks Dylan so much appreciate you!!!!!!!

Mark Sterling

Dylan, It’s entirely thanks to you that my friends think I'm their go-to tech girl. You’re my secret sauce in that regard! Thank you for always being so passionate and generous about sharing your wealth of Apple knowledge. You help all of your students stay ahead of the technological curve!!!!!h of Apple knowledge. You help all of your students stay ahead of the technological curve!!!!!

Pamela Beck

Dylan, your incredibly effective advice and support with my iphone has been invaluable. I never realize how much time and money I was literally throwing down the drain simply because of the way I was using my phone! My phone is central to my business and with your help I’ve been able to use my phone in a way more effective manner to be more effective in complete projects, staying organized, attracting new customers and closing sales. You’ve changed the way I do business and made my life a lot more simple and easy, and for that I want to thank you! You’re the best there at what you do!

Sean Stewart

After working with Dylan for several years I feel as though I know more about my Apple products than most millennials! I’m infinitely more productive— I just get more done in less time and I feel like I really can take advantage of today’s technology without letting it take advantage of me. Dylan is a master of all things Apple and shares his knowledge with with love and humor. After working with Dylan you will not only feel more empowered and knowledgeable, but also like you’re needs have been understood and taken care of. He really cares about his clients, and as I client I can honestly say that he is loved by those of us who have been lucky enough to learn from him. -

Mike Zalben

Hey Dylan....as a recovering technophobe ...I depend on Doctor Dylan to unravel the how of all my media platforms ....your online courses are funny informative and very valuable to the "doing " and health of all my systems ..excited to hear what's next.

Joanna Burke

Hello dear friend Dylan, you have singlehandedly brought me into the 21st century!  As a “woman of a certain age” I was initially uncomfortable with technology.  Your incredible patience, good humor and expertise have given me the tools I need to be productive.  Many thanks

Barbara Norman 

Dylan was great at helping me make a good decision on which phone to purchase. I have been a long time Android user and when I mentioned that I was looking to switch to iPhone he happily stepped up to the plate and offered a great outline of the different phones that were available and the various features to consider with each of them. Thanks so much for your help Dylan! I am confident I will make a great decision now!

Summer Fields Jeronimo

Hi Dylan, you have been a tremendous help to me with my technology. Being both a PC and Mac guy, you have really taught me how to get the most out of both platforms! I am very grateful. Thank you!

Jeff Levine

Whatever would I do without Dylan! One of the most positive and enthusiastic people I know. Really look forward to tech issues I would otherwise dread, know I have Dylan's support!

Diane Sherry-Case

If there’s somethin' strange in your IOS, Who ya gonna call - THE MAC WHISPERER! If it’s somethin’ weird with your software and it don’t look good, Who ya gonna call - THE MAC WHISPERER! If you require HELP HELP HELP with your IOS system, like I did - call Dylan Stewart. Recently I needed forensic software to help with an urgent legal matter. I’d taken Dylan’s I-Phone seminars and called him late on a Friday. He understood my problem and was right there with the perfect software to retrieve and PDF format texts and documents from all my devices. I was ready to go on Monday. Whether its help with a new system, software or education in maximizing your devices - Dylan’s the guy. 

Nancy Roberts

Dylan, I so appreciate the fun way you share your knowledge and simplify technology. I use my phone to run my business, so with your help I’m able to leave the laptop behind and still get more done than most people sitting at a desk in an office. That freedom is priceless! Thanks!!!

Jamie Greene

Dylan taught me to organize my digital life.  He’s insists I back up, I keep all software and apps up to date, I organize my stuff into labeled files.  He’s made my life infinitely easier as now everything’s synced and I have no fear of losing data. He taught me to use search and voice commands and shown me a thousand short cuts to everything. He has saved me endless time and frustration by reduced my fear of technology, I’d be lost without him. 

Gemma Corfield

Dylan Stewart is just the best. He keeps me up to date with new and helpful programs. He also cleans up my computer messes! Just the best!

Kaija Keel

As an independent contractor, I have found Dylan’s iPhone X courses to be incredibly helpful in increasing my work flow. The main benefits that I’ve experienced from the courses is that they have taught me how to save time and how to become more advanced in my multitasking skills. Dylan simplifies everything about the phone from the basics to the more complex features in a clear, interesting and fun way that anyone, at any age, can understand.

Aubri Thornhill


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